Nordic Walking MN Facebook Page launched!

Over the past 5 months I’ve received more than 4000 visits to my website with questions about Nordic walking, classes, poles, walking groups and just how does one get started. When I started Nordic Walking in 2005 this energy is what I anticipated would happen, it just took a little longer than I envisioned. Today it has become clear to me that we need a gathering place for all things Nordic Walking in Minnesota. Facebook seemed like the obvious choice so it is with great pleasure that I invite you to become a member of the Nordic Walking MN Facebook group.

Whether you’re an experienced Nordic walker or just curious about “what’s up with the poles?” this group is open to everyone. It will take me a while to sort it all out but I hope that this can be where folks can come for information on classes and walking groups, ask questions about technique and equipment, connect with other Nordic walkers and share their Nordic walking joy. Any suggestions for developing the page are most welcome!

I’ve chosen to make it a private group but you only need to answer 2 quick questions and you’re in. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook and ask to join, you will be automatically be added. and no you don’t have to live in Minnesota but we will be focusing our discussions and information on what’s going on in Minnesota.

Please join me in this new adventure in Nordic Walking!

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Investing in Nordic Walking Poles

So you’re ready to purchase your own Nordic Walking Poles, here’s what you need to know.

The most important thing is to make sure you invest in Nordic Walking poles and not Trekking, Hiking, Snowshoe, or Ski poles. There really is a difference. If you want to go mountain biking you wouldn’t buy a road bike, or a badminton racket for tennis, or cross-country skis for downhill skiing. If you want to Nordic walk it’s in your best interest to invest in a pair of quality Nordic Walking poles.

Your Nordic Walking poles are an investment in your health and wellbeing. Poles are equipment, designed to be safe and effective for a specific activity. A quality pair will serve you well for many years and miles of walking.

Does it really matter?

A common question in class is “Can you use trekking poles for Nordic Walking?”

In a word? Yes, if it’s your only option. But your Nordic walking experience will be different. With some practice, you can adapt the technique and learn to make the grip and strap work for you. You will likely find that trekking poles won’t have a “swing weight” that allows them to move with your arm stroke, and they will make it more difficult to match the Nordic walking technique you see on videos and classes. Trekking poles used with Nordic walking technique are also likely to be louder on the trail.

I like this visual for Nordic Walking vs Hiking technique. Notice the difference in the arm and the position of the poles. The Hiker could be using 2 poles as well as one but the position of the poles would not change.

There are a lot of considerations in the design of Nordic Walking poles, and, a lot of expectations in their performance.

Nordic walking poles are designed to facilitate effective Nordic Walking technique. The pole straps ergonomically place the pole at the correct angle and make it easy for the poles to move in and out of your hand (note that Exerstriders have a specially designed grip that allows for the same action). This position allows the walker to apply pressure down and back to activate the muscles in the upper body. Nordic Walking poles used correctly increase the cardio, and, energy workout of your walk, along with many other benefits.

Quality Nordic walking poles will be made of materials capable of absorbing the impact and pressure of repetitive action against the ground. These materials may include aluminum as well as a mixture of other metals or carbon that will make the poles lighter. The rubber boot or tip allows maximum surface area to grip on hard surfaces ( the metal tip is for soft surfaces). Lock outs on adjustable poles need to be safe, effective and reliable relative to the amount of pressure you will put directly on the tip. Typically poles come with a warranty and replaceable parts.

As walkers we haven’t always invested in equipment for sports before so it can be daunting to consider spending $100 dollars on a pair of poles. But remember that this is a one-time purchase, you’re buying equipment for your health and fitness, and it will be a long term relationship. There are aluminum poles available for a modest price. For example the LEKI SPIN Shark SL is $99.95. Exerstrider, Urban Poling, OS2 is $89.95. (and comes in 4 different colors!) Both options come with warranty, replaceable parts and will provide many years of Nordic Walking pleasure. You can certainly spend more, but there is no performance level built into the poles. You may find them on sale, just be sure that you are ordering Nordic Walking poles with all the specific features.

My recommendation would be to do your best to understand the investment you’re making, and, then make the best choice for you, your budget, and, your overall interest in Nordic Walking. You won’t be sorry that you purchased equipment to make Nordic walking more enjoyable and effective in your quest for health and fitness.

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Spring 2021 Classes Posted

Spring has Sprung and it’s time to pull out those poles and get outside!

I love turning the season over from winter to spring. By now I feel like I’ve used up all of my winter time and I’m ready to do something different. That’s why we live where we can enjoy all four seasons to the max. So put away those snowshoes and shovels and let’s step out in style with our Nordic Walking Poles!

The Spring Schedule is now available on my website calendar. I’m so excited to be able to offer community walking groups, introductory classes and even Beyond the Basics Clinics this season. So whether you’re a seasoned Nordic Walker or looking for your first chance to try the poles we’ve got you covered. As most of the Community Ed brochures don’t come out until early April there are links for registration that are missing but will be added as soon as they are available. In the meantime you can get the date on your calendar and look forward to Nordic Walking, The Best Walk!!!!

I am committed to offering safe and fun classes so group size will be limited, social distancing will be observed and masks will be worn as required by the rules in place during the class schedule.

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Is Nordic Walking for You?

You’ve heard the great news about Nordic Walking. Less stress, more energy, better posture, higher heart rate, easy to learn, fun to share…and you wonder, is this for me? Could I do it?

Since December 12 when the StarTribune article came out I’ve had daily emails, texts, phone calls and even people stopping me on my walk, “I think I could do this, tell me more!” The stories touch my heart: “I’ve had back surgery, 2 bad knees, very overweight, been on the couch since Covid happened, don’t walk but would like to, used to run but can’t anymore, I’m 82 or 57 or 68, my spouse and I, my neighbor and I, I think my mom could, I just think maybe I could do this”

The simple answer is yes! From couch potato to retired runner and everyone in between, Nordic walking is for you! Poles will provide balance and stability, reduce your pain while walking, help you to walk tall and strong, create a better workout for fitness and health, and the rhythm of the walk will lower your stress and improve your mood.

The simple addition of poles with an introduction to the basic technique and you’re on your way. It’s not about how fast or far you walk, the poles will offer you the confidence and strength to do more the next day. Have fun!

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What keeps you from your walk?

How often do you find yourself with no time for your walk and so you wait until tomorrow or the next day or next week before getting outside again? Whether you’re a new walker or a walker in a rut here are some suggestions for setting yourself up for success.

First and most important, a buddy and a plan. Set your time for walking, put it on your calendar and try to find someone to join you. Gail and I walked at 5:30am for 30 years together. Yes it was hard to get up, yes it was dark and cold in the winter, yes it was easier to roll over and say sorry I’m not coming. But we were committed to the time, the activity and each other and it was always worth the effort to get out of bed, put on our shoes and grab our poles.

Set the stage. The anticipatory set – I put my walking clothes in the bathroom, jacket and other outdoor clothing by the door and my poles are in the corner. I’m set for getting up and out the door. No excuses, do not stop and think, just get dressed and go.

Don’t let weather get in your way. There is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong choice of clothing. Although Gail and I will put off a walk when there’s heavy rain or lightning. Dig deep in your closet, maybe buy something special just for walking, but commit to having what you need to get outdoors.

Imagine the walk. I go to bed knowing I’m going to get up and walk. I see myself stepping out into the early morning and greeting the day. I can imagine how good it’s going to feel. Talk about motivation!

Take what you can get. There are days or mornings that finding 45 minutes for a 3.5 mile walk is hard to fit in. But the answer is not “I can’t do my walk today”, the question is how far can I go if I only have 20 minutes. It’s better than nothing even if it’s just a walk around the block. Tomorrow is another walk.

Find the joy in every walk so it will help you repeat it again tomorrow.

and most important – don’t beat yourself up when the going gets tough and it’s hard. Tomorrow is another chance to give yourself the gift of moving your body, breathing fresh air and knowing you’ll be better for the effort.

Nordic Walking – More Energy, Less Stress!

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The Newest Pandemic Health Kick? Nordic Walking!

I just have to say it one more time. The one thing 2020 has given us is a new appreciation for being outdoors and for walking! There are so many articles on the benefits of being out in nature, just ask your neighbors, they’re probably getting ready for a walk right now!

Thanks to Kevyn Burger for the great article on Nordic Walking in the StarTribune this morning. Fun information on not only the benefits but also the history and what’s going on in the Twin Cities with walking groups. Thank you!

Since there’s little snow on the ground there’s no excuse for not trying the poles right now! Get out and enjoy the winter with a new activity, good for your body, mind and spirit. And we all need that right now! Unfortunately I’m in Arizona right now but will look forward to seeing you all in the spring! Walking groups in the St Cloud area will begin again in April!

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Friluftsliv – in other words don’t let winter keep you in

“I’m just not a winter person!” “I don’t have the clothes to go outside.” “It’s too cold!” “There’s nothing to do outdoors in the winter.” “Just let me hibernate!” I’ve heard it all before but I’m here to add my voice to all the others telling you that this year is different. It’s time to become a winter person and get outdoors this season.

Regardless of where you live you really need to continue to go outdoors for you own health and well being. The winter sun and fresh air will make you feel better just like it did this summer. Take a break from all the stress. Change your clothes and change your mind to allow you to step outdoors into the wonder of winter, you’ll be glad you did.

Blue Zones introduced me to Friluftsliv, a Norwegian word that illustrates the commitment to celebrating time outdoors. I love having a word to describe the mindset of getting outdoors regardless of the weather. We may not all be of Norwegian or “Scandahovian” (as my dad liked to call it) descent, but we can all find the winter person with us and experience the joy of crisp air, brilliant blue skis and cold snow under our feet. ( did you know that snow squeaks when it’s really cold outside?)

To get started first envision yourself being out in winter. Talk about the things you like about winter. Look in your closet for warm layers to wear, maybe even buy a fun and snuggly scarf or hat as your “go outside” accessory. Dig in the back of the closet for your snow boots.

Now ready, set, go! Just like if you were starting any new activity, start slow and easy. No need to stay out until you get cold. No expectations for you to become a downhill racer. Just go out and start moving. Take a walk, borrow a sled from the kid next door, throw a snowball, run and slide on the ice. Celebrate the weather and the joy of being alive and outdoors.

and next time someone talks about how much they “h… winter” you can help turn them around with stories about how much fun you’re having out in the snow.

fox tracks seen off the 6 shooter chairlift in Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, Montana

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A Walk Around The Block

Spike Carlsen’s new book just came out!
“A Walk Around The Block” Stoplight secrets, mischievous squirrels, manhole mysteries and other stuff you see every day (and know nothing about)

Nordic Walking is one of those curious things he covers in his fun and captivating way. Featuring the Nordic Walking Queen of course!

Spike was curious about Nordic Walking and called to come out to the lake for a private lesson May of 2019. We spent the morning together introducing him to the poles, history, benefits and basic technique. With poles in hands we took a walk through the neighborhood leading him from his first tentative steps to coordinated striding and pressuring the poles. It was lots of fun!

Spike was interviewed in the StarTribune today and he mentions the Nordic Walking Queen. I’m pretty sure that Nordic Walking is about to become a hot topic, especially in this time of Covid when we all need something that takes us outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Thanks Spike for shedding some light on the mysteries of all those people walking with poles.

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Winter’s coming! What to do!

Covid came you went outside
You found the joy, you got the rhythm
Alone or with a willing partner
Step by step you’ve become a walker

But winters coming what to do?
Nordic Walk and keep it going
poles in hand you’re warm and fit
tips and grips reduce the slips

Better than the walk you’ve got
Posture, heart rate, work out – up Up UP
Clears the head and drops the stress
Out in the fresh air, it’s the best!

The one gift that the summer of 2020 gave us was the healing strength of going outdoors. People everywhere discovered how much better they felt when they took a walk outdoors. That simple activity in the fresh air, saying hi to neighbors, safely enjoying some conversation and social interaction, moving our bodies and clearing our heads and hearts. It’s like magic.

But now everyone is in a little bit of a panic about winter. Many don’t consider themselves a “winter person”, have no outdoor snow activities that they enjoy, panic about dressing warm enough to go outside to play, and have no vision of how to do it.

Relax, it’s not that hard. Here’s a few winter tips to prepare you and make it easier.

First look in your closets and find warm layers to wear in the cold. You probably have all you need, no fashion police outside in the winter. Try it on, see yourself outside in the snow or cold, enjoy feeling like a snowman/woman. Find the child within you that delights at winter.

Second remember that you don’t have to go out and brave the coldest of the cold and you only stay out as long as you’re comfortable. Like any new activity take it slow and easy. Go out for 15 minutes and walk around the block. As you become comfortable with the cold go longer or more often.

Now find a buddy and plan to meet outdoors at a specific time and place. Gail and I walk out our doors at 6:45 and meet on the street somewhere between. It keeps us both accountable and safe outdoors.

and finally Try something new! There are equipment rentals at many regional parks and outdoor stores. Sign up for a snowshoe class, cross country ski experience or local winter walking group. You’ve become a walker, now add Nordic walking poles to keep you warm and safe in the cold.

Don’t let winter shut you in! There is magic in the crisp, cold days of this other season.

You can do it!

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Spring Classes on Hold

It’s time to put Nordic walking on your calendars but at this time most of the community ed programs are putting classes on hold until we can safely gather together. Please stay posted for updates. Here is the proposed schedule for community walks and hopefully we will be able to start these walks in mid April. Poles and quick introductions are always available for new walkers. Everyone walks their pace and distance and no one walks alone.

Sartell – Mondays at 5:30pm Watch for annoucements of meeting spots

Cold Spring – New day!  Wednesdays at 8:30am meeting at the ROCORI Senior Center for the first few weeks and then we will be getting out and about on different trails and neighborhoods.

Lake George, St Cloud – Thursdays at 9am meeting by the Granite fountains at Lake George.

St Cloud VA schedule to be announced

in the meantime if anyone would like to purchase poles, borrow demo poles or needs new tips for their poles please let me know! We can meet somewhere, practice social distancing and do a hand off.

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