Nordic Walking Leadership Training – May 29, 5-8pm

This class will be held at Struthers Parkinson’s Center, 6701 Country Club Drive, Golden Valley MN Registration fee $75

Current research is clear about regular exercise being an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Walking is one of the best and most accessible fitness activities and Nordic Walking turns a walk into a whole body workout. The poles provide increased stability, balance and postural support, encouraging persons with limited mobility to move with more confidence. Using the poles increases the intensity of the walk by activating more muscles and increasing the heart rate all without a feeling of working harder. Nordic Walking poles encourage a natural stride and arm swing supporting the lower body in the case of joint pain or restriction. Nordic Walking allows people to get outdoors, connecting with other people and nature, which has been shown to enhance mood and reduce depression. It is a beneficial activity for persons of all fitness levels, ages and mobility challenges. Offered by Linda Lemke,(, this training will focus on teaching Basic Nordic Walking technique and safely leading mixed groups of community walkers.

Program objectives:
To provide a fun, interactive outdoor educational event centered on Nordic Walking
To experience and explore basic Nordic walking technique and learn simple progressions for teaching it to new walkers
To understand how to adapt Nordic walking technique for individual needs and challenges
To identify safety issues for outdoor group activities
To inspire your passion and increase your confidence in leading Nordic Walking classes and community walking groups

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