Walk like a 5 year old

When I go for a walk with a child I always am amazed at how much longer it takes. They walk in wonder, explore, spin, jump on and off things, run stop turn around and do it all over again.

You may not be able to take a kiddo along with you but you can walk with your inner child and open your eyes to the opportunities to play around you. Wherever you are there are bound to be opportunities.

Choosing your walk – hard surface or soft. pavement or dirt. Your body will appreciate a variety and those soft surfaces are easier on your joints. or use the curb like a balance beam and walk along one foot in front of the other. It’s great for your balance! You can use your poles to help when you first start and in time you’ll find yourself more stable and able to look further ahead.

Picnic Tables are great for series of push ups, step ups onto the bench, sit down and stand up, step up and jump off.

Rocks – climb up and jump off, start with little ones šŸ™‚ or another balance act as you step from one to another. Again use your poles for balance and support.

If you are near a playground go ahead and let the child within have a good time playing on the different structures and climbing sets. You might just find yourself climbing to the top and coming down the big slide! Strength and balance will be your reward.

so go ahead, reach deep inside for the child like playfulness and add a little joy and wonder to your walk!

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