Mixing Up Your Walk

On Christmas Eve I fell and sprained my wrist which took me out of Nordic Walking for several weeks. At the same time I joined the Kula Dance Experiment – 20 minutes of dancing every morning. The two events pushed me to try my own experiment of Dance Walking!

Before you shake your head, hear me out. When we go for a walk, with or without poles, we settle into our pace, swing our arms and continue on to the end. Perhaps some of us try a little HIIT, high intensity interval training activities along the way but for the most part we simply walk. Imagine what can happen if instead you turn on some music and dance during your walk?

All of a sudden there are new moves, new rhythms, your arms are in the air, you’re turning, swinging and grooving down the road. You will still get to the end of your walk but along the way the fun factor goes way up! And dancing is a great HIIT activity as it increases the cardio workout with every move.

I’ve been using the playlists from Kula and also some of my own. My 10 year old grandson loaded one for me that is really quite fun. You can make your own and dance to your favorites.

One word of encouragement, dance as if no one is watching. If you think it’s geeky to walk with poles just wait til you start dance walking. I’ve played with dancing up to walkers and inviting them to dance with me for one minute. Sometimes it works. But at least they smile and seem to think it might be a good idea.

Dance walking is making me very happy while I wait for my wrist to heal and get back to my poles.

Our bodies are made to move, so join me and give it a try!

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