Happy New Year!

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions as much as I try to look back over the year past, count my blessings and then look ahead to the possibilities and opportunities in the New Year.

One of blessings of the past year, especially during Covid, was the Nordic Walking communities that have developed here in Central Minnesota. The weekly walking groups were so much more than just a chance to get outside for a walk. They are a community of friends and neighbors, as many as 20 strong, gathered for an hour of conversation, meeting new friends, sharing their stories and perhaps making plans to do a bike ride or other activity later in the week.

It’s the connections between us that are so important. As one walker said to me when I was promoting working on using a longer arm and adding a little more energy, “You do know we’re just here for the social?!”

Yes I do. We take time for meet and greet, encourage everyone to walk with a partner, use “looping” to keep the group together and mix it up as we walk, and all end the walk refreshed, revitalized and ready to move into our day.

I look forward to being back among my walking communities when spring arrives. It’s gonna be a good year!

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