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New Beginnings with Retirement

New Beginnings, easier said than done.  To leave what you know and love and begin a new chapter in this thing called life.  Last week I was excited to be home after 5 weeks of skiing and today I’m packing … Continue reading

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Baby it’s Cold Outside!

It’s been very cold here in Minnesota, lows at -20  and highs just at zero for several days.  We’ve been told to stay inside and be warm. Schools are closed and some businesses including ski hills were also.  While we … Continue reading

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Wherein lies your inspiration?

While on my walk I found myself pondering the difference between motivation and inspiration this week. After googling for definitions and other’s thoughts on it I came up with this: Inspiration is that which fills me with life, energy and … Continue reading

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Addicted to Nordic walking?

When asked about Nordic walking I can go on for days about all of the physical benefits of walking with poles.  It’s good for your heart, bones, posture, weight management and even for your brain.  But what really gets me … Continue reading

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Are you Trekking or Nordic Walking?

When asked about the difference between trekking and nordic walking poles I first have to ask “what you are planning on doing? ” Are you hiking on a trail?  Will you be carrying a pack or a camera? Are you … Continue reading

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Second Annual “Ski About”

We arrived in Big Sky Montana on Sunday evening, the beginning of my second annual “ski about” in the mountains.  Thanks to Hoigaard’s I have the opportunity to live the dream of being a ski bum for the next 30 … Continue reading

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Be creative, Resolve to walk unplugged!

There’s worry in the world that the constant streaming of information and communication does not allow our brains any downtime which ultimately could lead to our being less creative and imaginative. We stare at computer screens of all sizes processing … Continue reading

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Peace, solitude and tranquility at Mt Rainier

Dan and I are in Washington, our annual fall visit with our daughter Laura and her husband Mike.  Our tradition is to come in a day early and enjoy a bit of sight seeing in the area.  We’ve had lots … Continue reading

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Walking with Grace

I’ve been walking with women.  That’s not unusual as most of the people I walk with are women.  Seems that women are not afraid to be seen walking with poles even when there is no snow.  But seriously, I love … Continue reading

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Memories of Cinque Terre

In October of 2007 I went to Italy with my daughter Laura.  We had 10 magical days including a day of hiking the Cinque Terre.  I can close my eyes and see the villages perched on the coastal mountains, the … Continue reading

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