Be creative, Resolve to walk unplugged!

There’s worry in the world that the constant streaming of information and communication does not allow our brains any downtime which ultimately could lead to our being less creative and imaginative.

We stare at computer screens of all sizes processing and responding throughout the day.  Our brains are synapsing from dawn to long into the night.  Do you turn on your computer or check your smart phone before you make the coffee in the morning?  How often do you check emails and facebook during the day?  Do you go online one last time before you go to bed?

Our brains need quiet time to refresh and reboot.  Creativity, the source of all things new and imaginative, requires an open space in which to begin.  If we are always plugged in we have no time to simply let our minds wander into new directions and possibilities.

Let your poles take you away from technology for part of each day.   Go outside, breathe deep the fresh air and open yourself to the world around you instead of the world inside your computer. The rhythm of your walk will free your thoughts and let them soar into spaces unknown.

Who knows, you might just come up with the newest, best idea while you’re out Nordic walking!

Blessings of the New Year and hopes for lots of new creativity in your year !

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2 Responses to Be creative, Resolve to walk unplugged!

  1. Dan says:

    Amen, I am avid biker, XC skier and walker and am always amazed at the number of people who are plugged in while exercising. I am learning to crave the silence and sound of nature. A side note I am just beginning to start Nordic Walking any tips??

  2. Linda says:

    Enjoy the silence Dan! As you begin to explore walking with poles the most important thing that XC skiers need to understand is that this is a walk and not your typical pole workout, there is a difference. Chin up, shoulders down and back and enjoy that natural long arm swing as the pole connects to the earth. You’ll get a nice long push to maximize that upper body workout. It’s always helpful to connect with an instructor if there’s any in your area. Enjoy!

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