Second Annual “Ski About”

We arrived in Big Sky Montana on Sunday evening, the beginning of my second annual “ski about” in the mountains.  Thanks to Hoigaard’s I have the opportunity to live the dream of being a ski bum for the next 30 days.

It’s also the perfect time to test the “30 days to a new habit” theory.  I’ve been struggling with making some changes in my daily life habits.  I let the excuse of a busy schedule keep me from making good food choices, following through on my shoulder PT, going to a yoga class and so much more.

For the next 30 days my schedule is open.  Skiing will fill in much of my day but the rest of the time is open.  I am in charge of setting the priorities, making the choices and living with the outcomes.  I am committed to focusing on me right now and not letting this opportunity get away from me.  The good news; my darling hubby is on board with the plan for his own changes.

I’ll keep you posted!  wish me luck

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