Week One, 2nd Annual Ski About

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”  John Muir

End of week one of the 2nd annual Lemke Ski About.  I have four weeks of living the dream, skiing day after day in the mountains.

How do you leave home and work for four weeks?  It’s not easy for me to do that.I’m very connected to my life and I really enjoy my job. Being unconnected makes me feel disconnected and I’m not sure what to do with that.  This is one of my daily challenges.

My day starts later here.  No early morning walk, instead some stretching and a cup of coffee as I watch the day come alive.  Then we gear up and go skiing.  My walks come at the end of the day, a chance to stretch out my legs and enjoy walking where the peaks rise above me.

I’m trying hard to not open up the computer and email at the beginning of the day.  I’m eating less and eating better.  I’m outdoors every single day.  My head is less full of lists.  So far so good.

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