Are you Trekking or Nordic Walking?

When asked about the difference between trekking and nordic walking poles I first have to ask “what you are planning on doing? ” Are you hiking on a trail?  Will you be carrying a pack or a camera? Are you a fitness walker?  Are you traveling with your poles?  What is your main purpose for using the poles?  What is your goal for using the poles?

Your activity of choice ultimately determines your equipment, and be aware, poles are most definitely equipment that has been designed for a very specific purpose.  You choose your activity and then your equipment.  That way you can be confident that the equipment will perform effectively and safely to your expectations. You would’ t buy cross country ski equipment and then decide to go downhill skiing with it.  Could you make it work, sure, if you are a strong skier you could telemark down on those skinny skis, but your experience will be different from what most of us .

Trekking poles are designed to be used on trail.  Their designated purpose is to help balance you and take the load off your joints when on uneven ground.  You carry them in front of you picking them up and placing them for maximum support. Your goal is to safely and efficiently get from point A to point B.

Nordic walking poles are designed for fitness.  Your hands stay low, you connect to the ground and push down and back to increase your workout and maximize the benefits of walking.  There’s rhythm and flow to your walk.  You may be on hard surface or soft trail but your goal is to create an body workout increasing calorie burn and heart rate

Can you use trekking poles for Nordic walking?  and vice versa can you carry your Nordic walking poles while hiking ?  Of course you can but a better question is can you safely and effectively use them for a purpose other than what they have been designed to do?

If you’re serious about dong some Nordic Walking bite the bullet and buy a quality pair of poles. I promise you won’t regret that purchase.

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2 Responses to Are you Trekking or Nordic Walking?

  1. Lindy Smith says:

    Awesome refresher for everyone using poles, Linda…now do a video covering it 🙂

    • Linda says:

      ah the video, I’ll work on that one. in the meantime I have 10 students in my Nordic walking class: Nordic Walking for Body, Mind and Spirit at Normandale Community College tomorrow nite. Offered it 3 times and this is the first time it’s been a go. yea!

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