Addicted to Nordic walking?

When asked about Nordic walking I can go on for days about all of the physical benefits of walking with poles.  It’s good for your heart, bones, posture, weight management and even for your brain.  But what really gets me out with my poles everyday is so much more.

It’s the connection with the earth.  I love the  energy exchange that happens when my pole finds the ground and I begin the push and follow through.  Just like a hug it wraps me up and makes me feel good from the inside out.  My body responds to that energy with each and every step of the walk.  Grab when the pole engages, relax and push through. Repeat as necessary until you are ready for your day.

I don’t always feel like walking at 6am.  But I have to admit that I’m addicted to that rhythm and energy.  My day always goes better when it starts with a walk with my poles.

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