Baby it’s Cold Outside!

It’s been very cold here in Minnesota, lows at -20  and highs just at zero for several days.  We’ve been told to stay inside and be warm. Schools are closed and some businesses including ski hills were also.  While we sit by the fire it’s important to know that when it’s this cold there are some things that happen outdoors that makes it worth some quick trips into the freezing temperatures.

1.  Snow squeaks when it’s this cold. Every step in the snow is squeak squeak squeak, kids giggle at the sound, the silence of deep soft snow becomes loud.

2.   Catching snowflakes on black construction paper is a great reminder that we are all unique and beautiful individuals.

3.  Blowing bubbles below zero is amazing!  Use the recipe with corn syrup and Joy dishwashing soap, fashion your wand out of an old wire coat hanger with a 3 inch diameter circle.  Watch for sugar ghosts to float down when the slow rising bubbles pop.

4.  It’s possible to overdress when it’s this cold.  Yes you can put on too many layers if going cross country skiing or snowshoeing.  Be sure to cover all that exposed skin but be aware of how much you wear under your jacket and pants. You don’t want to be sweaty and wet when it’s cold.

5.  There is magic in the silence of a cold, cold morning. Sound travels differently and your senses are on high alert with the cold air.  Wrap up and just step outside for a few deep breaths and listen closely to the quiet. Feel the deep peace and serenity.

We must respect this kind of cold.  It is not pleasant to be out in and it can be dangerous if you are not dressed for it or if your health is compromised by being out in it.  I would not suggest anyone go outside to play today.  It is really cold.

But it’s also a reminder of how fragile we are and how we are at the mercy of mother nature.  It’s life at the extreme yet we can still touch it and be touched by it.  Receive it’s blessings and know that it will pass and become another winter memory.

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