New Beginnings with Retirement

New Beginnings, easier said than done.  To leave what you know and love and begin a new chapter in this thing called life.  Last week I was excited to be home after 5 weeks of skiing and today I’m packing to leave home for the last time.  Friday is my last regular day at Hoigaards.  I will cover some events and programs over the next couple of weeks and will find time to do some orientation with the new me (not hired as of yet).  So the countdown to retirement has begun.

Yes, it’s hard.  Yes, it makes me sad.  Yes, I’ll miss the “family compound” as we fondly call it. Yes, I’ll miss Hoigaards and HOW.  But it’s time to go.

Everyone wants to know where we’re going.  There is a plan in place to do some traveling this summer.  We’ll head to Bozeman to set up the condo there, visit Laura and Mike in Seattle (heard they have some painting to be done), back to Minnesota for our week in Ely the end of July and probably hang out for a while enjoying the gifts of being grandparents.  We do envision spending the winter of 2014 in Montana so be sure and let us know when you’re coming!

What does the future hold beyond that?  Just not real sure. For now that’s ok as we’re giving ourselves a year to figure out what this new beginning is all about. I’m looking forward to being surprised by where we are a year from now.  I’m confident there is an “aha” moment when it will all become clear.

For now I’ll put a few events on the calendar, I know it’s looking a little bare, and begin anew to commit to this blog to keep everyone up to date and inspired to get outdoors!

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