Challenging yourself Outdoors!

Greetings from Big Sky where the snow is deep and the views are breathtaking.  Being back in the mountains feels like coming home.  It’s where I breathe deep, find my rhythm and become centered.  Not only on my skis but in my life.

Many of you will be finding your center this weekend at the Birkie. May all of you enjoy the trail, the companionship, the competition and the fulfillment that comes with completing a challenge like the Birkie.

Skiing the Birkie is more than just a day on skis.  It’s a commitment to your love of skiing.  You can’t just drive up and get on the trail, you have to do the training and it’s not easy. You do less of other things and more of skiing leading up to it. You battle the weather and your calendar.  You train your body, your mind and your spirit to be ready for all that the day brings your way. When the trail in front of you seems daunting you’ve learned to tell yourself – I can do this!  and you will.

May we all commit ourselves to challenging ourselves outdoors.  Our successes in our outdoor pursuits make us not only healthier (in all ways) but more confident in our ability to succeed in daily life.  If you can complete the Birkie, you can do anything!  Bring on the daily challenges at work and home – you are ready!

I won’t be at the Birkie, but I will be at the top of the mountain.  Where will I find my challenges today?  I’ll be skiing with Dan and Sammy, the sun is out and the mountain is our playground.  I’m ready.

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