Is Nordic Walking for You?

You’ve heard the great news about Nordic Walking. Less stress, more energy, better posture, higher heart rate, easy to learn, fun to share…and you wonder, is this for me? Could I do it?

Since December 12 when the StarTribune article came out I’ve had daily emails, texts, phone calls and even people stopping me on my walk, “I think I could do this, tell me more!” The stories touch my heart: “I’ve had back surgery, 2 bad knees, very overweight, been on the couch since Covid happened, don’t walk but would like to, used to run but can’t anymore, I’m 82 or 57 or 68, my spouse and I, my neighbor and I, I think my mom could, I just think maybe I could do this”

The simple answer is yes! From couch potato to retired runner and everyone in between, Nordic walking is for you! Poles will provide balance and stability, reduce your pain while walking, help you to walk tall and strong, create a better workout for fitness and health, and the rhythm of the walk will lower your stress and improve your mood.

The simple addition of poles with an introduction to the basic technique and you’re on your way. It’s not about how fast or far you walk, the poles will offer you the confidence and strength to do more the next day. Have fun!

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