What keeps you from your walk?

How often do you find yourself with no time for your walk and so you wait until tomorrow or the next day or next week before getting outside again? Whether you’re a new walker or a walker in a rut here are some suggestions for setting yourself up for success.

First and most important, a buddy and a plan. Set your time for walking, put it on your calendar and try to find someone to join you. Gail and I walked at 5:30am for 30 years together. Yes it was hard to get up, yes it was dark and cold in the winter, yes it was easier to roll over and say sorry I’m not coming. But we were committed to the time, the activity and each other and it was always worth the effort to get out of bed, put on our shoes and grab our poles.

Set the stage. The anticipatory set – I put my walking clothes in the bathroom, jacket and other outdoor clothing by the door and my poles are in the corner. I’m set for getting up and out the door. No excuses, do not stop and think, just get dressed and go.

Don’t let weather get in your way. There is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong choice of clothing. Although Gail and I will put off a walk when there’s heavy rain or lightning. Dig deep in your closet, maybe buy something special just for walking, but commit to having what you need to get outdoors.

Imagine the walk. I go to bed knowing I’m going to get up and walk. I see myself stepping out into the early morning and greeting the day. I can imagine how good it’s going to feel. Talk about motivation!

Take what you can get. There are days or mornings that finding 45 minutes for a 3.5 mile walk is hard to fit in. But the answer is not “I can’t do my walk today”, the question is how far can I go if I only have 20 minutes. It’s better than nothing even if it’s just a walk around the block. Tomorrow is another walk.

Find the joy in every walk so it will help you repeat it again tomorrow.

and most important – don’t beat yourself up when the going gets tough and it’s hard. Tomorrow is another chance to give yourself the gift of moving your body, breathing fresh air and knowing you’ll be better for the effort.

Nordic Walking – More Energy, Less Stress!

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  1. Gail Swift Patrick says:

    So helpful!! thank you Linda!!

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