The Newest Pandemic Health Kick? Nordic Walking!

I just have to say it one more time. The one thing 2020 has given us is a new appreciation for being outdoors and for walking! There are so many articles on the benefits of being out in nature, just ask your neighbors, they’re probably getting ready for a walk right now!

Thanks to Kevyn Burger for the great article on Nordic Walking in the StarTribune this morning. Fun information on not only the benefits but also the history and what’s going on in the Twin Cities with walking groups. Thank you!

Since there’s little snow on the ground there’s no excuse for not trying the poles right now! Get out and enjoy the winter with a new activity, good for your body, mind and spirit. And we all need that right now! Unfortunately I’m in Arizona right now but will look forward to seeing you all in the spring! Walking groups in the St Cloud area will begin again in April!

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