Tips for Walking in the Dark

I love walking outdoors all year long. The cool, crisp mornings are invigorating and the perfect way to wake up. But as the days get shorter and we find ourselves walking in the dark it’s important to be safe out there! Never assume that cars can see you, drivers are distracted and mornings and evenings they are not thinking about walkers. You need to be visible and take extra precautions. Here’s a few suggestions.

*A reflective vest is your first line of defense. Buy one you can wear over a jacket. *Lights! Find ones that are colorful and blink, put them on an arm, on your poles, wear a head lamp. Pretend you’re a Christmas Tree! *Running stores and bike stores will have good choices.
*Bring your phone in case of an accident but keep it in your pocket to avoid an accident.
*Consider not listening to your music so you can hear what’s going on around you.
*Find a walking partner or if you walk alone make sure someone knows you are out on a walk and let them know when you get back.

Remember that your daily dose of nature is important all year long, we just have to make adjustments to the seasons.

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