Winter’s coming! What to do!

Covid came you went outside
You found the joy, you got the rhythm
Alone or with a willing partner
Step by step you’ve become a walker

But winters coming what to do?
Nordic Walk and keep it going
poles in hand you’re warm and fit
tips and grips reduce the slips

Better than the walk you’ve got
Posture, heart rate, work out – up Up UP
Clears the head and drops the stress
Out in the fresh air, it’s the best!

The one gift that the summer of 2020 gave us was the healing strength of going outdoors. People everywhere discovered how much better they felt when they took a walk outdoors. That simple activity in the fresh air, saying hi to neighbors, safely enjoying some conversation and social interaction, moving our bodies and clearing our heads and hearts. It’s like magic.

But now everyone is in a little bit of a panic about winter. Many don’t consider themselves a “winter person”, have no outdoor snow activities that they enjoy, panic about dressing warm enough to go outside to play, and have no vision of how to do it.

Relax, it’s not that hard. Here’s a few winter tips to prepare you and make it easier.

First look in your closets and find warm layers to wear in the cold. You probably have all you need, no fashion police outside in the winter. Try it on, see yourself outside in the snow or cold, enjoy feeling like a snowman/woman. Find the child within you that delights at winter.

Second remember that you don’t have to go out and brave the coldest of the cold and you only stay out as long as you’re comfortable. Like any new activity take it slow and easy. Go out for 15 minutes and walk around the block. As you become comfortable with the cold go longer or more often.

Now find a buddy and plan to meet outdoors at a specific time and place. Gail and I walk out our doors at 6:45 and meet on the street somewhere between. It keeps us both accountable and safe outdoors.

and finally Try something new! There are equipment rentals at many regional parks and outdoor stores. Sign up for a snowshoe class, cross country ski experience or local winter walking group. You’ve become a walker, now add Nordic walking poles to keep you warm and safe in the cold.

Don’t let winter shut you in! There is magic in the crisp, cold days of this other season.

You can do it!

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