A Walk Around The Block

Spike Carlsen’s new book just came out!
“A Walk Around The Block” Stoplight secrets, mischievous squirrels, manhole mysteries and other stuff you see every day (and know nothing about)

Nordic Walking is one of those curious things he covers in his fun and captivating way. Featuring the Nordic Walking Queen of course!

Spike was curious about Nordic Walking and called to come out to the lake for a private lesson May of 2019. We spent the morning together introducing him to the poles, history, benefits and basic technique. With poles in hands we took a walk through the neighborhood leading him from his first tentative steps to coordinated striding and pressuring the poles. It was lots of fun!

Spike was interviewed in the StarTribune today and he mentions the Nordic Walking Queen. I’m pretty sure that Nordic Walking is about to become a hot topic, especially in this time of Covid when we all need something that takes us outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Thanks Spike for shedding some light on the mysteries of all those people walking with poles.

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