Poles or No Poles

Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota. The ice is off the lakes just in time for fishing opener and people are outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. It’s always exciting to see walkers with poles on the trails this time of year. It’s a new commitment to a season of Nordic walking and I love it!

It’s also a time when people ask “why poles?”

It’s really very simple. For a long and healthy life we need an active life style.  Walking is the activity most prescribed and Nordic Walking Poles are the drug of choice.  A vanilla walk is what most people take on a daily basis but you can make it a hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top with the simple addition of the poles.

Nordic walking challenges your body increasing your heart rate, bone density, calorie burn and overall workout all while being gentle on your joints and adding a rhythm all it’s own.  Come and give it a try at one of my classes or walks!

Here’s a short slide show to explain all the goodness of Nordic walking!



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