CharityMiles makes your miles count!

There are lots of ways to track your miles of walking. Some just give you distance but others will include time, pace, heart rate and more. We love our tracking devices. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those miles tracked would count towards a donation for a charity of your choice? Well, Merry Christmas because thanks to Gene Gurkoff there is an incredible app for that.

Gene is the creator of CharityMiles and you can read more about him and his inspiring story in this article from Parkinson’s Life. There are many amazing sponsors for the miles and to date the participants have raised over $2.5 million for charity.

The app is free and it will track indoor and outdoor walking and biking.# I’ve even used it to track my kayak paddles on the lake and my cross country ski outings. This year I used it to track all my dedicated walking, hiking and other self propelled miles to a total of 1,044 miles in 2018 and I still have 4 days to go! Every mile I walk is a dedicated donation for the Michael J Fox Parkinson’s Foundation but you can choose a charity close to your own heart to benefit from your miles.

Walking makes a difference in your life and now you can make a difference in so many others with every step you take. Download CharityMiles today!

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