Is walking making a comeback?

During this difficult time as we all stay at home the one thing we are encouraged to do is to go outside everyday. Go for a walk they say. Just keep your social distance but get outside to help reduce the anxiety and keep you healthy. In my neighborhood I see people walking! and some of them are not even walking dogs, they are just out for a walk.

Is it fair to say that good old walking is making a comeback? It’s simple, it’s rich in benefits, it’s free and it’s social. Fresh air and hello’s to all your neighbors and friends along the way.

When you step out that door enjoy the freedom that walking brings. Take your time (we all seem to have plenty of that right now), turn a different way, try a local park or wooded path, breathe deep and quicken your pace now and again to get that heart rate up. You don’t need a destination. Let your walk bring you back to yourself.

This article “Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life” seems very appropriate for today. May walking help sustain you during this time of “stay at home” and social distancing.

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