Stepping into the New Year with Intention

Waking this morning to the new year I found myself reflecting on all the wonderful walks of 2019. Including the community walking groups, the VA programs, special events and of course my personal walks with friends and family I walked just over 1000 miles.That’s a lot of walking and talking and sharing our lives with every step. Thank you to everyone who walked with me!

More importantly it was a year of people making commitments to their own health and wellness by getting outdoors and walking. I’ve been leading Nordic Walking programs in Central MN for 5 years now and have been blessed with introducing the fun and fitness of the poles to so many over those years. There are walkers who have been with me for all five years and always new walkers curious about the poles. It’s an incredibly inclusive group and no one ever walks alone. Regardless of fitness level, interest level, health concerns or mobility restrictions there is a walk for everyone who comes.

As you step into 2020 join me in making it a habit to get outdoors to walk everyday! If the weather keeps you inside, and I do realize that happens, find a place that is warm and safe from the snow and ice to do your walk.
Be intentional about your walk, be good to yourself!

Happy New Year!

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One Response to Stepping into the New Year with Intention

  1. Carol Miletti says:

    As always – inspiring me to push myself.
    Thanks you Linda
    Happy walking and New Year

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