Put a Spring in your step!

We have an epidemic of obesity in the U.S. According to the study, “Americans are gaining an average of one to two pounds per year. If we don’t stop the present trend, by the year 2030, 86.3% of adults in the United States will be overweight or obese.” Motion is the most powerful medicine. The promotion of walking and other regular moderate physical exercise among Americans should be among our primary “health care reform” efforts! Cost: little or nothing. Results: PRICELESS!                   Jama Internal Medicine, Feb 2013

Put a little spring in your step and get moving!  With spring in the air you have no more excuses for not getting outside and walking.  The days are longer, there’s little or no snow left, you don’t have to bundle up and your poles are waiting for you!

A pound or two per year doesn’t sound like much but over 10 years that’s 10-20 pounds of extra weight.  How much more do you weigh now than when you graduated from college?  How much better did you feel then?  Are your joints aching because of the stress from extra weight?  Would it be easier to do the activities you enjoy without the extra pounds?

Nordic walking will burn more calories making it easier to loose that weight and keep it off.  Grab those sticks today and get out for that walk!  Tomorrow you’ll be glad you started today.

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