Happy Earth Day!

Save the Planet, Go for a Walk

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this week, in honor of  Earth Day, the fitness clubs, yoga studios, Y’s, all those indoor workout and exercise places were empty and everyone was outside enjoying some fresh air while they walked, biked or ran in the sunshine? Think of all the CO2 emissions we would save by simply walking out the door instead of getting into our cars and driving to the local gym.

Exercise Local! I like it.

It could be the new green movement, exercise outdoors in your neighborhood once per week to reduce your carbon footprint. The logo could be a green footprint with little green marks from the tips of our nordic walking poles.

If you’re already walking in your neighborhood and looking for something to mix it up you might try a new route this week. Go a different way, turn left instead of right, discover a new neighborhood, add a new dimension to your routine. Maybe it’s time to add a few more steps, or turn and go up that hill that you’ve been avoiding. If you’re already going up the hill why not try turning around at the top and going back to the bottom to do it a second time. You can also weave back and forth as you go up to add distance and cardio. Lots of little tricks to make it more fun and challenging.

While you’re out there don’t forget to look around and wonder at the marvel of spring. Our frozen black and white world is turning green and little bursts of color are appearing where you least expect it. I was surprised by a bright blue patch of sila blooming in the woods by the lake this morning, made my day!

Happy Earth Day!

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