April Fool’s Day Nordic Walking

I should know better than to plan the first Nordic Walk of the season on April Fool’s Day. Once again mother nature played a trick on us and gave us snow on Tuesday evening after heavy rain all day long. I awoke on Wednesday and looked out at snow flurries that were determined to keep going the whole morning.  We had 2 walks scheduled at the MN Arboretum, one o’clock and six o’clock, and I was totally convinced that due to the cold, dreary, nasty day there would be no one to play with on the trail. My vision was one of sitting around all day hoping for someone to come walk with me.

 But I was to be totally surprised! We had 25 walkers at 1:00 and 28 more at 6pm.  Most of them were new walkers and some had driven 45 miles just for the walk. They were all excited to be there and the recurring theme was “heck, we’re from Minnesota, a little cold and snow won’t keep us from doing what we had planned.” 

It was sooo much fun!  After a short introduction to the poles we walked the 3 mile drive through the gardens and orchards. Not much happening there except for some snowdrops blooming in the frozen hosta gardens but the action was all on the path with the energy and joy of nordic walking for the first time.  If this day was any indication, it’s going to be a great season!

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  1. Rhea says:

    This is super news. Sorry, I couldn’t make it, daughter home sick that day. I went out last night with a friend. The wind was cold and brisk. Hitting a FL beach soon. Yipee!

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