Indoor Nordic Walking

As the rain pours down today it seems like a good time to remind all of my fair weather walking friends that there are many good options for walking indoors.  It’s not the same as walking outdoors, but there are definitely days that a controlled environment of 70 degrees and dry footing is a great advantage over what mother nature is offering us. 

 Most of the indoor malls have walking programs and also will allow pole walkers before the mall opens. Check with your local mall for times and dates of their walking groups. If they don’t have a walking program perhaps you want to start one with them.  Just be aware that nordic walker with poles do not mix well with shoppers and mothers with strollers so be sure to do your walking before the mall opens.

 Mall of America has a program called MOA Mall Stars for their walkers. It even has a card you can swipe to keep track of how often you walk.  They will allow poles before the mall opens.  For more information call 800-757-9255.  Rhea Kontos recently posted about her experiences out at the mall,

 If you live in the western suburbs you can walk almost any day at the Plymouth Fieldhouse at 14800 34th Ave No in Plymouth.  Call 763-509-5292 for the current schedule.  They surprised me by posting an April schedule so it’s still open while mother nature tries to move into real spring.

 Community Centers and fitness clubs with indoor tracks may allow you to come with your poles. When you call them be sure to let them know that your poles have non marking rubber tips on them so they will not damage the track surface.  The Marsh in Minnetonka and Eagan Community Center both allow indoor track walking.

Be proactive!  If you can’t get outside to walk, search out an indoor option so you don’t miss a step.

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  1. Rhea says:

    Hard to believe that we still need a back up plan in case of bad weather being that Spring has arrived. Nordic Walking in a Mall is a great way to get your exercise in whether or not the sky is cooperating. Perhaps you need to get some shopping done and if one planned their day and had the availability to Nordic Walk before the stores open, one has gotten two things done at one location. I got out for a bit with the hubby and dog and Nordic Walked our property. So nice to see what’s returned to nature this time of year. Thanks for posting! Rhea

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