Walk away from Heart Disease

Did You Know?

Heart Desease is this country’s #1 killer.A sobering thought for a Monday morning. Heart disease, not cancer, is our biggest threat. Even more sobering is that a lack of physical activity doubles your risk of heart disease. Once again, sitting around and doing nothing is not an option!

The American Heart Association has a plan to help get people moving in the workplace. Wednesday, April 8 is National Start! Walking Day. “On this day, employees are encouraged to wear sneakers to work and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. It’s a great way to raise awareness of the Start! movement and to give your coworkers a friendly push toward a healthier life.” They even provide a free packet of information to make it easy to do. It’s available at http://mystartonline.org/about_start_walking_day.jsp. I just signed Hoigaard’s up and already have my email with all the information. Check it out. If you can get one fellow employee up and moving, it’s worth it!

Of course HOW is way ahead of the curve, we’ll be on our second week of scheduled walks by the time this kicks off. Mittens and hats will be required to walk this week but cold has never kept us from our appointed walks. You will still see us out at the Arboretum on Wednesday although I don’t think we’ll see any early blooms in the gardens. Tuesday walks will begin on April 7th at Lake Calhoun.  Be sure to check the calendar for other CE Classes.

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