Ice Out

If you don’t live where the lakes and rivers freeze solid for several months of the year you’ve missed alot.  Not only have you never “walked on water” or “driven on water” or pulled fish out of a hole, but you’ve never experienced the “ice out” of spring.

 Tuesday nite there were 30 of us that nordic walked around Lake Calhoun.  Most of the lake was open, piles of ice clustered on the shores from the winds of the past few days. There was one large section still with a thin layer of ice on it.  At this point of the spring the ice is very brittle and has a lacy pattern to it, kind of like those wonderful Christmas cookies that melt in your mouth.  Although it still holds together it moves with the open water. 

As we came close to the ice I had to stop and listen.  The ice was making all kinds of crickle crackle sounds, like really loud rice crispies, as it moved on the surface.  It’s a very unique cold climate spring sound and you almost always miss it. It was very special to be there and hear it as we walked around the end of the lake.

The wonder of spring continued on Friday nite when the peepers, little frogs, thawed out from their frozen winter state and started singing.  The marshes and ponds are alive with their energy and they get louder as they get warmer. 

 Ahh, the sounds of spring in Minnesota!

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh, ice out! So miss that ritual. No such thing here, just rain, rain and more rain.

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