New Nordic Walking Instructors

I went to California last summer to attend a three day summit meeting for LEKI Nordic Walking Trainers.  Ever since then I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to lead one of the trainings for Suzanne Nottingham. This past weekend I had the pleasure of leading my first official Nordic Walk Now Instructor Training and Walk to Live Workshop.

 Although I’ve done lots of classes and various trainings this one was different since this time I was not only teaching people about nordic walking but teaching them to teach. The morning was for instructors and the afternoon for people interested in teaching family and friends. Normally there would be 2 instructors sharing the leadership for the trainings but due to the small turnout Suzanne asked me to do it on my own.   I was a little nervous but once I got going my own enthusiasm and all my experience took over and I relaxed into the training mode.

 The weather cooperated and we were able to be outdoors for most of the day.  There’s a delightful park just north of Hoigaard’s complete with paths, ponds, hills and grassy areas. It’s a perfect spot for teaching, and the groups did very well on all their assignments.

 Here’s the picture of the brand new Nordic Walking Instructors, Congratulations to all!


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