Nordic Walking Poles For More Than Just Walking!

My friend Dan had a hip replacement a year ago. Early in the summer he ran in the Jail Break Trail 10K with his LEKI Nordic Walking Poles. Dan shared his experience with me
“Today I used my Nordic Walking Poles to help me finish the Jail Break Trail 10k. 1:38 finish 15:45 ave pace.
I’m less then 4 months on a new hip and these really help.
I’m grateful..🙏
“A number of people were kidding me about the poles and asking questions but I couldn’t hear em after I passed em.”

Nordic Walking poles can serve as your “walk assist” post knee and hip surgery. Using two poles in place of a cane or walker puts you in an upright balanced posture, supports you equally on both sides and encourages a natural stride during recovery.  Be sure to check with your physician and physical therapist for when it would be ok for you to transition to poles from other support options.

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