New Shoes!

I got new walking shoes this week!

Nordic walkers need a pair of poles in their hands and a good pair of walking shoes on their feet. There are many different brands out there and they all fit different shaped feet and walking styles. Find a shop that will measure your foot, make sure you have a good fit with plenty of toe room and lots of support, and then watch you walk in the shoes to help determine if it’s the right shoe for you.

Like the tips on your poles your shoes will wear out.
What are the symptoms of a dead shoe? Even if the top of the shoe looks ok you need to turn that shoe upside down and look at the bottom. If you’ve worn down the tread or the heels it’s time. The other common symptom is that something will start to hurt, like a knee, hip or back. New twinges are a sign that something has changed and the first thing to check is those shoes.

I had to listen to my own advice this week. My knee has been talking to me of late and I realized I was overdue for new walking shoes. With new shoes on my feet I am once again smiling all the way down the road!

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