Got Poles? Now What Do You Do?

Congratulations!  You’ve made the commitment to fitness, bought some poles and can’t wait to get started. But just how do you do that?

Nordic walking is easy to learn but there is definitely some technique to using the poles that will help you get started safely and effectively.  Without any introduction many people will begin with their poles out in front of them, tips reaching forward and hands up high in the air. This is opposite to what you would learn in a class or from a good video.

Your poles are designed to be used at an angle behind you, following your arm swing and landing just behind the heel of your front foot.  Take the time to watch a video or find a class near you to make sure you set the poles for the correct height and you get started on the right foot and left arm.   Yes you will be walking and swinging your arms in opposition, just like you do when you walk without poles.

Many community education programs offer classes or you might find an instructor near you that is available for personal training.  The most common comment at a class is “Who knew there was so much to learn about Nordic walking!”

Contact me with questions or help finding instruction in your community.

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