Make Your Walk Count!

I went for a quick walk this morning, 2 miles to start my day with a paddle and a round of golf planned for later.  It was indeed a quick walk – 2.34 miles, average pace 13:55 per mile, 4,400 steps and 279 calorie burn.  I don’t often average below 14 minutes per mile but this morning I found my pace and moved quickly down the trail.  It felt really good!

I use map my walk to coach me on the trail and keep track of my walks.  I have a fitbit and in the past had a garmin to track my daily activity.  My cell phone has a health app and will track my steps all day long if it’s in my pocket. I wear a watch so I can track minutes if nothing else.  So I’m counting all day long.

But my walk doesn’t really count if I’m not working my poles and challenging myself to keep a pace and pressure on the poles. I know I can walk forever at 15 minutes per mile so I need to increase my pace if I want to get my heart rate up.  I know I can take it easy on the poles but to increase the workout and the upper body strength I need to apply maximum pressure and follow through on my poles.  When I reach that goal I find my “runner’s high” and the miles fly by!

How do you count your walk?  Do you work your poles or just take them for a walk?  If you’ve been walking with poles it’s time to put the pressure on and make that walk count!

I have some Beyond the Basics clinics coming up, designed for the experienced Nordic walker who wants to take the next step and learn to really work those poles.  Join me!

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4 Responses to Make Your Walk Count!

  1. Lois Stromme says:

    I live by Nicollet Island. I am interested in the advanced class..Beyond the Basics. Do you know of anyone interested in a group by the river in Minneapolis?

    • Linda says:

      Love the advanced class, Beyond the Basics. Fridley is the only place in the city that I’m scheduled to do it this fall but if you have friends that walk and would like to do a private clinic I’d be happy to do that. The one in Fridley is open to everyone tho so if that works come on out for it.

  2. Diane says:

    Really? I would love going for a walk and see if I can get my heart rate up I still really miss running, being back at work I get about a 1 1/2 mile walk in

    • Linda says:

      so when are we going to do this? We keep talking about it and haven’t made a commitment of time so let’s see if we can make it happen! Dan can get his heart rate up as high as his bike riding using the poles.
      Assuming you’re back at school maybe a Saturday? or I’ll be in Plymouth next Thursday evening, Sept 1. We could meet somewhere in between and do a walk.

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