The Queen goes global!

It’s a small world.  Yesterday I was on my way to deliver a set of LEKI Carbon Travellers to a gentleman in New London, MN. He had met some Nordic walkers from my classes while walking on the trail.  He stopped them, asked questions about the poles and got my contact information.  The next day he saw another Nordic walker while walking and decided it was a sign that he needed to call me about getting started.  Random contact, but that’s how it so often happens with the poles. I had agreed to meet him at the middle school playground for the hand off and a quick introduction to get him started with his poles.

As I waited for him to arrive I got a call on my cell.  I hesitated to answer it as there was no caller ID.  Imagine my surprise to discover that it was a man from India!  Ranjit had just received his Carbon Travellers, found my website and blog and called to get his questions answered in person from the queen. We had a delightful conversation and he followed up with an email this morning.

Serendipity?  Coincidence?  The universe works in mysterious ways but I am now connected to two more Nordic walkers, one going to Germany this fall and the other living on the other side of the world.  The joy of walking with poles is our common bond and I look forward to hearing about their new adventures with Nordic walking.

What is your story?  I’d love to hear about it!

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