Walk in Real Time

I meant to track my walk today. But my phone went dead and silent, I didn’t wear a watch and I left my Fitbit at home. I was off the grid for each step. So instead of listening to my digital coach tracking my time, distance and speed I relaxed into my pace and became one with my walk.
I’m in Arlington, WA and walking the road along my daughter’s neighborhood. As I freed my mind I became aware of colors and textures around me. The bright yellows, purples and whites of wild flowers, wild prickly blackberry vines growing up and over and onto the road, lacy ferns as tall as I am in the ditch, flowering trees of a multitude of color and size (I have no idea of their names), and the many colors of green growing into summer.
There were large black slugs crawling on the road and birds singing up on the wires. The deep cool darkness of the heavy forest pulled me in to the strength and wisdom of the large old trees forming the canopy overhead. The sun broke through and tempted me to remove my jacket. Slick black cows stood in belly high in the pasture grass while their calves napped next to them. Fences had been tightened since my last visit and some fields were empty of their former occupants.

When I turned around at the top of the hill my eyes settled on the mountains shrouded in clouds and mystery. Rain was coming back soon so it was time to hurry home. I arrived safe and dry.

I don’t know how far I went or how fast I walked or how long I was gone.  Yet I know how relaxed I was when I stopped and sat on the porch enjoying all the goodness of a walk outside.  Sometimes it’s good to be off the grid!

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