Outdoor Surprises by Nature

When in nature, prepared to be surprised

Arboretum Outdoors with Hoigaards…it was almost 7pm and it was getting dark, another storm on it’s way.  We’d walked the 3 Mile Drive clockwise, doing all the uphills, and slipped into the wild flower garden to finish in the woods. Hoping for a few wild flowers we were surprised by so much more.

We knew rain was imminent but suddenly we couldn’t hurry along. The trail was dense with spring woodland blooms; hepatica, ginger, trilliums, marsh marigolds, california poppies, virginia bluebells, anemone, yellow windbells bloodrood, scilla and more.  Dainty blossoms reaching up out of the dense carpet of last year’s leaves.  We slowed down in awe of spring.

A photographer asked us if we had seen the owls.  When we replied no, he jumped up and guided us back up the hill.  In the crook of an oak there was a young owl, perhaps a barred owl?,  fluffy and cute and oh so wonderful.  The second baby was in a smaller tree by the pond and the parents kept watch from above.  There were several of us looking, taking pictures and enjoying the moment.  It was soooo quiet.

That’s the way of nature, she likes to surprise us.  Just when you think you know what’s there, what to expect, what’s ahead on the trail or river you get caught off guard.  As Peter Leschak wrote in his article, Natural balance in the Sunday Startribune “No matter how intimate you are with a given landscape, you’ll often be surprised.”

No need to venture past your back yard.  Look past what you know and see what’s waiting to surprise you with wonder and beauty and awe.

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