Hanging out in Hawaii!

Today is the last day of a beautiful week in Kauai with my entire family; Dan, Laura, Mike, Sam, Danny and his girlfriend Sara.  For my birthday Dan was able to trade in time share weeks and airline points to get us all to the islands for a wonderful week of adventure.

We tried hard to balance beach time and special activities, not an easy balancing act with 7 adults.  We went to a Hawaiian Luau, did a catamaran trip to the Napali coast complete with whales, dolphins and incredible scenery, kayaked up the Wailua River and hiked to a waterfall and today the guys are all going up in a helicopter.

My only regret, I caught a cold just as I was leaving for the trip and have been sick the whole week.  Didn’t keep me from doing things but I certainly haven’t felt up to doing much extra Nordic walking or swimming in the ocean.  Perhaps it was nature’s way of telling me to just slow down!

Tomorrow evening we head back to winter.  I’m looking forward to getting home but it’s certainly been a nice break from reality!

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