Day 9 Spring Nordic Walking Classes are updated!

I am such a creature of habit and this trip is kicking my butt.  I sleep in, no morning walk, hours on the mountain followed by evenings of wine and good food.  At least I still go to bed early 🙂

Dan traveled back to MN yesterday for a workshop. Bruce and I decided to take the day off after all the deep snow skiing we’d done.  The most I moved was to walk to the car and drive down to the Meadows for bread and milk.  The rest of the day was spent updating the Nordic Walking calendar on this website, knitting, and trying to finish The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest.

It felt like more of a gift, not a waste.  I’m excited about all the Nordic Walking that is scheduled for this spring.  There is a little something for everyone from free walks at the MN Landscape Arboretum, introductory classes, workshops, and 5K events that are welcoming pole walkers for the first time.  Check it out!  There is an energy in the air, maybe this is the year that it happens and thousands of walkers make the healthy choice to add poles.

Weather is moving in.  Snow today, cold tomorrow and blizzard conditions by Thursday nite.  It’s mountain skiing, good thing we’re from Minnesota so we can handle all of this.

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