Day 10 Skiing is like a dance with the Mountain

We first came to Big Sky in 1990.  Dan and I drove out with our three kyds in our converted van packed full of gear and winter vacation essentials.  It was the beginning of a love affair with Lone Peak.  Since then we’ve returned almost every year. I always look forward to coming back, it feels a bit like going home.

I was an accomplished skier when we first came out and felt pretty confident about my ability to ski the whole mountain. That doesn’t mean, however, that there weren’t times that I got to the top of a hill, looked down and questioned what I was thinking!  Stump Farm, Challenger, Liberty Bowl all had the potential to take my breath away.  Even the Cat Trips with Montana Backcountry gave me butterflies.

My mantra in those situations: It all starts with one turn.  Once I point my skis down the hill, reach for that first turn and then make the next one and the next, it’s all ok.  It’s the rhythm of the mountain, the boots and skis working together, and of course the cheerleading of my family and friends that moves me down the steeps and deeps of this beautiful place.

Bruce and I skied together yesterday at Big Sky.  We had a great day in a few inches of new snow, skiing our favorite glades and trails all over the mountain.  On each run I was surrounded by memories of other times we’ve been there, other people we’ve skied it with and snow conditions that ranged from awesome or terrible.  Each one their own dance with the mountain.  One more memory to add to the collection.

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