Day 11 It’s COLD!

Frigid cold and dangerous wind chill when moving down hill!  You know it’s cold when the snow squeeks and you can’t ski away from the chairlift at the top of the hill.  All human skin needed to be covered or risk frostbite.

But we’re from Minnesota!  how often I’ve said that this year.  Sure we can handle it, yes we have all the best warm technical gear. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy wearing all of it at the same time.  Fashion goes right out the window when it’s below zero and you’re determined to ski.  My niece Michelle was on the lift at 8:15am doing a work ski around for Moonlight Basin.  She was told she looked “portly”;  she had long underwear,  T neck fleece, down vest, down jacket and her work jacket all on her slim trim body.  Of course she looked portly but she was warm!  or at least as warm as you can be in that kind of cold.

It was 3 runs and in. Mind you three runs at Moonlight is about 75 minutes from first lift to kicking your skis off and running in for hot chocolate.  The good news: The snow was fantastic once you got off the top.  We had fresh tracks in Single Jack and Marshall and fast groomers on that 3rd run to get us in quick.

Kudos to all who go out in the cold!  it’s invigorating and challenging. and now it can warm up.

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