Day 12 Just go for a Walk

We moved today from the Lake Condo down to Michelle and Brian’s in the meadows.  None of us were willing to battle the cold again so we opted to take our time and pack it up to make Bruce’s departure easy in the morning.

Once we deposited all of our stuff I really needed to go for a walk. So I grabbed Brody and Louie and we headed off. I was delegated to a vanilla walk, walk without poles, as I have a torn rotator cuff muscle on my left shoulder that prohibits me from using poles.  It’s been really hard to give them up and I feel almost naked without them.  Surgery awaits me at the end of the trip but in the meantime I just had to have a walk.

We found a trail that headed up the hill and through the woods.  I should have taken my snowshoes but it was nicely packed and the footing was pretty good.  The dogs enjoyed bounding into the deep snow and I enjoyed the following the trail to the top of the hill.  No camera but it was beautiful to walk with mountains all around and a new view of the meadows around every corner.

We walked for about an hour, didn’t give me my 10,000 steps but it did fill my lungs with fresh mountain air and gave me the outdoor time I needed for the day.

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