In the press

It’s always fun to be in the press.  Pictures taken at 6am are questionalbe at best but I do believe that Sarah Moran, writer for the Star Tribune “How I got this Body” article, did a good job profiling Nordic Walking and how it plays into my day.  You can’t see the picture but the text is available at$urlTrackSectionName

 Seems that nordic walking is getting headlines more and more. It’s great fun to be part of it all. I have to thank Mike White from Hoigaard’s for putting us on the “cutting edge” 4 years ago.  Hoigaard’s introduced nordic walking to the Twin Cities way before it was ready for walking with poles.  And now today my calendar is full of classes and demos, from the Mall of America to the Birke Trail, it’s all about nordic walking.  Amazing what time and patience will introduce to your life.

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