French Park Nordic Walk

The heat and mosquitos weren’t enough to keep 25 women from walking last nite.  It was good to see some familiar faces and there were also many new friends from recent demo’s and classes ready to do some more miles.  It was our night to get off the paved path and unto grass and dirt, my favorite way to walk when the tips of the poles really connect with the earth and move you along.  I do think it’s easier to feel the upper body engagement when off the beaten path.

Conversations on the trail covered work and family and summer plans. The one common thread was how good it was to be out with HOW, this group of women that simply welcomes you into the evening’s activity and encourages you to be true to yourself.  There was lots of energy about the Baker Weekend and the Birke Trek, yea!  And when the walk was over a small group came back to my house to enjoy a cold drink and sitting by the pool and gardens.  The wonder of HOW!

 By the way, our Monday eletter went out to 608 women. We continue to grow and touch more and more women every day.  thank you!

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