multi tasking walker

I believe in multi tasking, I’m really quite good at it.  But I do believe that even a good skill can be put to obnoxious use.  When I left this afternoon to drive west for a Nordic walking demo I passed a young woman in the middle of her afternoon walk.  She was moving at a pretty good clip but was wearing a head set, not sure if it was music or a phone, she was pretty animated so she was either singing or talking while she walked.


I can understand singing along to your favorite tunes while you walk, kinda like whistling while you work. But she also had a notebook and was reading notes or maybe comparing them if she was talking, while she was walking. Bummer. I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice that the French lilacs had just burst into bloom overnight or that the lilies at the corner house had opened or that you can smell peonies every where you go right now.

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