A Resolution You Can Stick With…

Make 2017 the year that you stick with your resolution! Pick up 2 special sticks and become a Nordic Walker, improving your overall health and well being as you make walking fun again! It’s easy to get started, really all you need is Nordic Walking poles, good walking shoes and an attitude. The poles and shoes are the equipment, the attitude will help you get past the feeling that everyone is watching you and wondering just what the heck you are doing with those poles.

But never mind those who don’t understand the power of the poles. Simply smile when they ask if you forgot your skis or if there’s snow in the forecast. Tell them it’s Nordic walking and let them do some searching. Sometimes self discovery is the best way.

Be sure to check for classes and groups in your area. My spring classes have been confirmed and I’m working on updating my calendar. If you have questions about poles or those first steps let me know! I love to talk sticks.

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2 Responses to A Resolution You Can Stick With…

  1. Donna Odegaard says:

    I have the poles, can you recommend shoes?

    • Linda says:

      Good question Donna. For winter walking I use a pair of goretex trail shoes and add “get a grips” to the bottom of the shoes when walking on snow and ice. You can also use a soft winter hiking boot for extra warmth but be careful that it’s not too stiff, you still need to roll your foot through each step. The most important thing is that the shoe fits well and is warm enough for your winter walking. If you’re not walking in cold weather then whatever good walking shoe fits your foot is a good option.

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