Winter Walking Tips

To slip or not, that is the question. If your sidewalks and trails are now covered in snow your poles may be slipping just a bit instead of giving you the stable grip for your push that you’re used to having in warmer seasons. What to do?
First you can simply take off the rubber boot tip, put it where you’ll be able to find it and walk with the bare metal tip. LEKI flex tips feature a carbide tip  that is very hard and actually concave so they provide excellent grip on hard cold surfaces. If you remove the tip be sure to lengthen your poles about 2 cm so they won’t feel short while you’re walking.

Your other option, one that works well if you’re moving along a trail that is mixed frozen cement and snow and ice, is to get a pair of LEKI studded traction tips. This is my husbands favorite as he doesn’t like the noise of the bare tip on cement and pavement. The small carbide spikes work similar to a studded snow tire and provide excellent grip on your winter walks.

Don’t let the ice and snow keep you from enjoying your poles!  and be sure to get a pair of shoe grips for the bottom of your walking shoes.

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