Shoes for Nordic Walking

I often get asked about shoes for Nordic Walking. It’s a very simple answer, whatever shoe works best for your foot and your style of walking. Basically a good walking shoe will have a well padded heel for the initial impact, will be a little wider through the ball of the foot, will be fairly flexible through the forefoot and should turn up a little at the toes to make it easy to roll your foot. Beyond that it’s all about fit and comfort.

Take the time to visit a shop that carries a variety of walking shoes and let them fit you. Know that you might buy a walking shoe a half size bigger than your everyday shoes so your toes have room to work against the ground. Try more than one pair and walk around the store to check out the fit. You might even put different shoes on each foot to compare them. Be prepared to invest in a good pair that provides the fit, stability and cushioning for your foot.

Walking shoes like running shoes are good for 300-500 miles and then they begin to lose their stability and shock absorption capacity. At that time it is time to replace them. Whenever I get a new twinge in a knee, ankle or hip I check my shoes. I’m also careful to mark it on my calendar when I think they will need replacement.

If your feet are not happy no one is happy! Be diligent about your shoes!

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