Fitness on a Stick

I’ve used this phrase before, in fact every year when it’s Minnesota State Fair time it’s an appropriate play on words here in the North land.  If you’ve never been to our state fair you’ve missed eating just about anything you can imagine served on a stick. After all of that eating you really need to do something about the extra calories so it’s a great time to grab your sticks, aka your Nordic Walking poles and walk off that weight before it settles on those hips.

Things on a stick are fun, creative and for the most part taste really good.  The same is true of Nordic Walking.  Just a taste is so good that it will leave you wanting more.  The good news is that Nordic Walking, different from waffles or deep fried pickles on a stick, is actually good for you and can be enjoyed every day instead of just once a year at the fair.

So get on the stick and go for a walk, you know you want to!

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